kPhoto Jaidermartina Flughafen Bozen 16

Scheduled flights is currently offering exciting destinations for the summer and travelers can look forward to four new dream destinations. In addition to Olbia and Cagliari in Sardinia, as well as Lamezia Terme in Calabria and Catania in Sicily, as well as Ibiza, SkyAlps is flying for the first time to Brindisi (Apulia), Brac (Croatia), Palma (Mallorca) as well as Zurich (Switzerland). For German vacationers the possibility exists in each case three times per week of Duesseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin to Bolzano to spend and thus long summer vacation in South Tyrol in addition, short trips into the region to book. For the fall, a fourth flight will be offered for Hamburg and Berlin. In winter, Billund (Denmark) and Antwerp (Belgium) will be offered for the first time, in addition to Copenhagen and the three German metropolises.

Ticket prices start at just over €100 in the low season for shorter flights to just over €200 in the high season for longer routes.


SKY ALPS S.r.l. offer South Tyroleans and residents of surrounding regions Tyrol and Trentino the opportunity to fly on vacation stressfree, using a very efficient aircraft. We know that air traffic accounts for 2.8 percent of global CO2 emissions. That is why it is true that climate protection concerns us all and we must act, sustainably and effectively.

"SkyAlps' investment in the energy-efficient Dash 8 Q400 aircraft type is aimed at keeping CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer on flights as low as possible. While the European average is around 3.6 liters/100km per passenger, SkyAlps manages to achieve an average consumption of 2.3 l/100km per passenger, up to 40% below the European average."

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) confirmed that the Dash 8-Q400's advanced design puts it far ahead of current regional jets and turboprops in terms of noise during takeoff and landing. This was confirmed by the airport's neighbors, who do their daily farming in the fields.