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Your baggage 

Every airline has specific rules regarding the amount of baggage you can travel with and their weight. Find more information on your ticket or online booking confirmation. However, should you find out that your baggage is overweight when checking in, you can pay possible surcharges directly at the ticket counter. To ensure none of your suitcases are lost please place a label with your name, address and flight number on them.

Cabin baggage: how big can it be?

Only one small hand baggage is allowed on board. Please check with your airline as to the size of your hand baggage and if you have to place your handbag or camera inside it, too.

Banned objects

There are clear security measures in place for your hold and cabin baggage.

This is just a brief overview of banned objects:

  • Weapons, knives, scissors or files
  • Munition
  • Fireworks or rockets
  • Torches
  • Irritant gas, pepper sprays or camping gas cartridges
  • Corrosive solids and liquids (e.g. acids, bases, wet-cell battery)
  • Flammable liquids and solids (e.g. lighter fuel, nail varnish, colours, diluting agents)
  • Radioactive or oxidising materials
  • Poisons and infectious materials (e.g. mercury, virus and bacteria cultures)

You can find further information on banned objects on the ENAC homepage and clicking on “Cosa portare a bordo“ and the following link.


What liquids can I pack in my hand baggage?

The EU clearly regulates what you can take with you in terms of liquids: liquids (gels, salves, lotions, creams, marmalades, or perfumes) no more than 100 ml each can be taken on board with your hand baggage. However, they have to be contained in a see-through, sealable plastic bag. Liquids over 100 ml cannot be taken with you. You can find further information on travel liquids here.