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Airport Regulations

ABD AIRPORT SPA, the airport operating company, issued and published the airport’s regulation.* This legal framework is exclusively for Bolzano airport and describes how the infrastructures and facilities are managed and used in terms of security and service.


  • Regulations on operational activities, guaranteeing regular procedure, ascertaining service standards, airport safety and legislation.
  • Regulations on use of rooms, infrastructures, and airport services provided by airport staff.
  • Clarification regarding user access conditions for infrastructures and equipment.
  • Regulations on activities, specifically those carried out in public areas, in compliance with Decree 18/99 for the liberalisation of ground handling in the European Community.
  • Compliance with specific requests on all topics which relate to the airport.
  • Operational precautionary measures regarding investigations for criminal offences.
  • The regulations are a closed collection of rules and procedures. Contingency plans are not included.

Download the airport regulations (Italian only)

*The Airport Regulations were sent to ENAC in a circular (APT- 19 on 26 October 2005) and refers to Legislative Decree No. 238 (Article 2, Paragraph 3) of 8 September 2004 and Law No. 265 of 9 November 2004 (L. Decree 96/05). The regulations are a continuation of the decisions which have already been determined and enacted by the Airport General Manager and can be found in its own regulations. It further underlines the duties undertaken before ENAC in regards to private people and public institutions. Should the airport operator decide to update these decisions and regulations, the resulting process cannot conflict with the current applicable Airport Regulations.