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Accessible travel 

Every passenger with reduced mobility has a right to ground and on-board assistance in compliance with EU Regulation 1107/2006. The airport operating company, ABD AIRPORT SPA will also guarantee free assistance for arrivals, departures, and while transiting at the airport provided you book it beforehand. Airport staff has received specific training to meet your specific needs.

How to book assistance

To ensure your journey goes as smoothly as possible, you should inform your travel agency or airline in a timely manner (48 or preferably more hours before departure) about your disability or reduced mobility. This timely arrangement will ensure all necessary requirements for your accessible travel can be met. Should you avail yourself of more than one plane to reach your destination, we recommend you contact each airline and inform them about your reduced mobility. To guarantee the best possible service, the airline may ask you if you need any medical devices or if an assistance dog be travelling along. Should you not be able to book any type of assistance you may have to wait longer than usual.

Assistance at Bolzano airport

Guests with reduced mobility can park their car in our 11 dedicated parking spaces free of charge. The parking spaces can be found directly opposite the airport’s entrance.

We’ll also offer you free assistance during your stay at the airport. As soon as you arrive just ring at the terminal’s entrance or phone +39 0471 255 255 or +39 0471 255 204. A member of staff will be at your side right away and support you for the entirety of your stay at the airport.

Head to the check-in counter at least one hour before departure. Please advise check-in staff of your specific condition in order to receive assistance. Staff at the airport, runway and on the plane will assist you as much as possible during your journey.

To ensure the airline can prepare for your arrival, please inform them of your reduced mobility during the booking process. To help you with the process please refer to official IATA codes. These codes describe the type of reduced mobility airlines may encounter.

The following is just an overview of the most important codes:

PRM (passengers with reduced mobility)
Passengers with reduced mobility.

WCHR (wheelchair ramp) 
Passengers may need a wheelchair to cover longer distances, between the airplane and the departure lounge, the gate, and between starting point and destination. However, they can use stairs and move around in the airport independently.

WCHS (wheelchair stair)
Passengers can move independently in the airplane but cannot climb stairs. They will also need a wheelchair to cover longer distances, between the airplane and the departure lounge, the gate, and between starting point and destination.

WCHC (wheelchair completely)
Passengers can only move by wheelchair and need assistance in the airplane.

Passengers are deaf or hearing impaired.

Passengers are blind or visually impaired.

Passengers are deaf and blind and require assistance.

Passengers with intellectual or development disability needing assistance

Facilities at Bolzano airport

  • Passengers with reduced mobility can use dedicated rest rooms in the terminal building.
  • The airport has wheelchairs and special facilities for boarding and disembarking an airplane (Ambulift AVIOGEI PED 3500)
  • Visually impaired passengers are provided with their very own stripes to access the terminal building, check-in counter, rest rooms and security checks.

Your rights

Should you not receive assistance, you’re entitled to complain to the airline. Should the airline not reply to your complaint, passengers can submit a formal complaint to ENAC. Find more information on www.enac.gov.it

Download the complaint form: Complaint form

Right to compensation

Did one of your health aids or medicines get damaged or lost during processing at the airport or while being transported on the plane? You can submit a claim for compensation. The amount you can claim for compensation depends on international and national regulations.

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