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Travelling with animals 

Would you like to bring your pet with you? No worries! However, you should research which airlines allow which animals. Pets will have to pay a surcharge. The surcharge varies depending on the destination and how much your pet weighs. You can pay the surcharge at the ticket counter at Bolzano airport. Dogs have to be kept on their leash and muzzle at all times during your stay at Bolzano airport.

Small pets

Small pets such as dogs or cats can be taken on board. Pets have to be taken on board in a waterproof pet carrier. The carrier has to be large enough for your pet to be able to get up and turn around. Its size is clearly described by the airline. The allowed weight of pet and carrier varies from one airline to the other.

Large pets

Large pets may be brought on board depending on the individual airline. To ensure the animal feels well at all times during the flight, it has to be transported in a special and spacious carrier. The size and traits of this box have to comply with IATA standards. We advise you to book journeys with large pets plenty of time before your journey.

Pet Passport

Pets have to have their own EU Pet Passport to travel. You can have further information on the following link.