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Gain more visibility for your company by advertising at Bolzano airport. You can reach all target audiences with us: from holiday-goers to business travellers. You can choose from a series of locations at Bolzano airport, both in or in front of the terminal, to advertise your company. Our website is also an ideal location to advertise your company or products:

Your company at the airport
We're happy to come up with a tailored solution for your company adverts at Bolzano airport.

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Procedura per la vendita dell’erba cresciuta in eccesso presso il sedime dell’aeroporto di Bolzano subordinatamente al suo sfalcio.

Avviso d'asta
Allegato A - Modulo per la presentazione dell'offerta
Allegato B - Schema di contratto
Allegato C- Capitolato tecnico

Procedura di selezione n. “ABD 01/2017” subconcessione di area destinata ad attività, senza esclusiva, di “noleggio veicoli con o senza conducente”

allegato A AVISO DI PROCEDURA 01 2017
allegato B AVVISO DI PROCEDURA 01 2017

Procedura di selezione n. “ABD 02/2017”
allegato A AVVISO DI PROCEDURA 02 2017
allegato B AVVISO DI PROCEDURA 02 2017



Are you one of our suppliers or want to become one in the near future? You can find all necessary information regarding applications on this page. We publish new tenders and the results of individual tenders, too.

We closely follow the following rules when assigning a job:

  • compliance with tender rules.
  • non-discrimination among possible candidates.
  • transparency during the whole tendering phase.
  • performance based on entrepreneurial spirit.

The Board of Directors of ABD AIRPORT SPA has accepted the relevant Rules of Procedure for tenders on 27 October 2008. These will regulate the assignment of jobs, services and supply within the EU. Said compliance of public tenders is communicated to the relevant authorities for surveillance purposes.

Supplier list

To participate in a tender, suppliers have to meet overall and specific requirements. This supplier list includes all registered companies who meet these requirements.

This list allows ABD AIRPORT SPA to gauge and survey the market when looking for different products.

Interested parties may apply to be added on the list at any time. Suppliers have to meet the requirements listed in the Supplier Rules of Procedure which can be viewed online.

To apply for the list, download the "Application form for registration on the supplier list"

Fill it out and send it to us together with the original documents in a sealed envelope to the following address:

Via Francesco Baracca 1
I-39100 Bolzano

By applying you agree to have viewed and accepted the Supplier Rules of Procedure.


Foreign companies

When selecting third-party suppliers for internal jobs, the following advice will provide you with the necessary information about specific risks and safety procedures as well as emergency measures. They refer to Decree No. 81/2008.