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Informations for pilots


ATTENTION: The following information is neither binding nor complete. It in no way replaces official publications such as AIP-Italia, NOTAM, etc.
You can find the following documents on the official homepage of ENAV S.p.A. (Italian Air Traffic Control Service - → Services → AIP) for free:
• Aerodrome Chart ICAO
• Obstacle Chart Type A
• Obstacle Chart Type B
• Initial climb procedures
• Visual approach chart

With the exception of the "VOR a - Cat. A/B/C" approach procedure, all instrumental arrival and departure procedures can only be performed by operators authorized by the aerodrome operator and by Italian state flight operators authorized by the competent administrations of the state.
To obtain a authorization, it’s necessary to register on the specific platform at the following web address:
The e-learning platform includes a training course through the document "Pilot's familiarization Briefing" and an online exam (Self-Checking). The platform offers the pilot 30 questions out of a total of over 150. The exam is passed with at least 75% correct answers.
After passing the exam, the aerodrome operator will give the permission that allows the system to generate the certificate of authorization for instrumental flight operations on Bolzano with a validity of 12 months. Since checks on the entered data are necessary, the time period for issuing the certificate is two weeks. Please do not contact the aerodrome operator before this date.
When operating at Bolzano airport it’s mandatory for the aircraft operator to carry a copy of the certificate in paper or digital form and exhibit it at the request of the competent authority.
The authorization can be renewed if the pilot performs at least one take-off, approach and landing on Bolzano within a period of 12 months from the authorization date. Three months before the expiry of the certificate, the platform will automatically send an email requesting access for the possible renewal of the authorization. The pilot will be able to enter the last flight date over Bolzano as a self-certification and the aerodrome operator will give the consent that allows the system to generate a further certificate of qualification for instrument operations over Bolzano with a validity of 12 months.
CAT operators, authorized by their own operating structure, are not expected to issue a certificate or notification for renewal by the aerodrome operator. However, CAT operators also have the possibility to use the e-learning platform.
For other requirements, please refer directly to the AIP - Table 13 - Additional information - Item 1.
For doubts or clarifications, you can directly contact the Aerodrome Flight Operations Manager (AFO Manager) at the e-mail:

For VFR, there is no requirement for authorization by the aerodrome operator.

Below is a summary table of the airport operating minimums according to the type of operation. The table is only indicative and does not replace the information publicized in AIP.

Airport Operating Minima

Handling - Fee's and services
Please visit the "Handling - Fee's and services" section of this web site.  N.B.: Due to limited space on the apron, we strongly recommend you confirm availability of parking and services with the aerodrome operator:

General Aviation Office
Tel.+39 0471 255 207 
Fax.+39 0471 255 202 
Opening hours for information's: 06.00-22.00

Pilot self briefing – NOTAM
Pilots can choose from two "Pilot self briefing" desks with internet access, printer, FAX and phone. (Registration required.) One is located in the terminal building on the first floor and the other one is located airside in a small building next to the Main Apron. 
Pilots can also access to a webcam to assess weather conditions, one camera point westwards and the other camera southwards directed towards primary arrival and departure routes.

For the fuel service and Tax-exemption please visit the FUEL section of this web site.

Important information’s to travelers – Custom regulation
All travelers entering or leaving in the EU territory with an amount in cash equal to or greater than € 10.000,00 should be  to declared to the custom in accordance with (EC) Regulation No. 1889/2005, in force since 15 June 2007. For more information please see the following link.

Healty rules
The pilots of flights coming from ,,non-EU'' countries or from countries subjected to healt measures, with reference to the circular EAL-10 ENAC and in accordance with the International Health Regulations, are obliged by law to be presented upon arrival:
 - The passangers list
 - The aircraft general declaration (here an example)

The airport has an obligation to store this documentation for any inspections by the health authorities (USMAF).