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Handling services


With refernce to the Cicular EAL-10 ENAC and in accordance with the International Health Regulations it is mandatory for pilots of flights coming from Non-EU countries to present following documents:

  • The passangers list
  • The aircraft general declaration

The airport has an obligation to archive this documentation for any inspections by the health authorities (USMAF).


All travellers who are entering or leaving in the EU territory with an amount of cash equal to or more than € 10.000,00 are required to declare this to the customs authorities in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1889/2005, in force since 15 June 2007.

For more informations please see the following link.

Kindly contact the airport handling organisation if possible more than 10 minutes before landing, so that an adequate parking space and services can be arranged as required. Due to limited parking space it is recommended to send a handling request in advance to:

ABD AIRPORT SPA, General Aviation
Tel. +39 0471 255207
Frequency handling 131.750 MHz.


In order to grant you the VAT exemption please send us together with the handling request e before refueling the following documentation:

- Declaration of Responsibility
- Copy of the personal ID-card of the underwriting legal representative
- Extract form the Company Register (chamber of commerce and industry)
- Complete copy of your AOC


For information regarding the rates of handling services and additional services please contact the General Aviation office:

Tel.: +39 0471 255 207