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Rates for handling services

Standard handling fees
Charges applied by ABD AIRPORT SPA are approved by the Decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transports no. 284/2014 "Approval of rates for the handling fee to be applied at the airport of Bolzano."

Legal frame:
- Law 2nd October 1991, no. 316
- Law 24th December 1993, no. 537
- Directive 96/67/CE of the Council of 15th October 1996
- Legislative Decree 25th July 1997, n. 250
- Law 24th April 1998, no. 128
- Legislative Decree 13th January 1999, no. 18

All the amounts are in Euro (€) – VAT not included
The fee, calculated on the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) resulting from airworthiness certification of the aircraft, rounded to the higher ton, covers the services listed hereinafter, no matter if they are used or not.

Standard handling fee applied for Commercial Aviation (AOC Holder)
Fee per ton served   Є 18,47

Standard handling fee applied for General aviation/Business flight
Fee per ton served   Є 10,48

List of services included in the standard ground handling fees for the Commercial and General Aviation:
- Check-in and passengers boarding
- Assistance of arriving/transit passenger
- Sorting of baggage
- Lost & found
- Load control and load-sheet
- Communications
- Flight documentation
- Water service
- Toilet service
- Aircraft loading
- Aircraft unloading
- Standard interior cleaning
- General information
- Coordination of operations
- Assistance for parking, needed equipment and vehicles, transport of freight and baggage
- Trough check-in (if available)

For information please contact the General Aviation office:

Tel. +39 0471 255 207

In order to grant you the VAT exemption please send us together with the handling request e before refueling the following documentation:

- Declaration of Responsibility
- Copy of the personal ID-card of the underwriting legal representative
- Extract form the Company Register (chamber of commerce and industry)
- Complete copy of your AOC

Airport charges:

Diritti aeroportuali