kPhoto Jaidermartina Flughafen Bozen 32

Access to the airport

As interesting as aviation is, some areas aren’t open to the public and can be accessed by authorized personnel only. These are members of staff with an airport ID (TIA – Tesserino di Ingresso in Aeroporto) and people with a “Visitor pass”. Passengers with a regular boarding pass cannot access these areas. Regular passengers can, of course, access their designated areas.

Only vehicles with the necessary permit can drive on the sterile surface of the airport.

*Authorized access is regulated by ENAC regulation no. 08/2013. Decree 08-2013

Only people with an airport driving certificate can drive a vehicle on airport property (ADC Airport Driving Certificate). *Issue of the ADC is regulated by ENAC regulation No. 22/2007. Decree 22-2007

Necessary documents: