ABD AIRPORT SPA: history of the airport

The official birth of the airport of Bolzano goes back to October 24, 1926 with the Royal Decree n.1994,  which declares the public utility of the dispossession of pieces of land to settle and enlarge the existing structure.

In 1992 "Airport Bolzano Bozen" (ABB) was founded and still in the same year it was changed to ABD AIRPORT SPA (ABD). They started immediately with structural interventions which were finished in 1999 with a renewed and modern structure. In this year the Austrian company Tyrolean Airways started their scheduled flights from and to Bolzano.

The intervention included the building of the new passenger terminal, the remake of the runway, the enlargement of the aprons, the building of three hangars, the control tower, the car parking, the access road and the instrumental procedure system.

In 1999 the extension works of the runway to 1.300 meters as well as the system for night flights with related navigation aids have been concluded. Aircrafts with a capacity up to 70 passengers were finally enabled to approach Bolzano Airport.

In 2005 the certification has been concluded and ENAC issued the airport certificate to ABD AIRPORT SPA.

ABD AIRPORT SPA is the entity which is entrusted with the task of administering and managing the infrastructure and the airport installations (excluding aids to air navigation and facilities owned by third parties) as well as to ensure the presence of ground handling services, to maintain the safety and efficiency of the airport system and ensuring the adaptation of the traffic development, of the legislation and the needs of its customers.

Since 2009, ABD AIRPORT SPA is an inhouse company of  the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

In 2010 the terminal has been unlarged.

Since August 2010, a photovoltaic plant, including even an experimantal part, with a total production capacity of 1 MWp is working. This system, cofunded with a EFRE program is one of the largest "test plant" in Europe.

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